OA News  October 13, 2011


Letter To The Editor



Your story on "Occupy Wall Street" which headlined the Opelika-Auburn News on Sunday
left a little to be desired.

Foremost was the fact that only one person, Ross Kenyon, identified as the organizer of the
local movement, was the only person interviewed.  This leads to the obvious conclusion that
only one side of the subject of your article was present.

Secondly, besides being the organizer of the protest, who, exactly, is Kenyon?  He is quoted
as saying that he just moved here recently.  This leads to more questions.  How recently did
he move here?  From where did he move here?  For what purpose did he move here?

What does he do for a living?  Does he represent a larger group or cause?  Is he financially
supported by an outside group?  How many other communities has he moved into and out
of in recent months or years?

Finally, the Associated Press article cited as the source of more information about "Occupy
Wall Street" provided little specific information about the movement, other than generalizations
about "not getting a fair shake" on a variety of issues, mostly financial.

It seems to this reader that, if you are going to cover the gathering of a protest group in our
community, you would attempt to dig a little deeper and present a modicum of information
about the supporters, organizers and motives of the promoters of the event.